Transmission, Galway Arts Centre

I was invited by the visual arts officer Maeve Mulrennan at Galway Arts Center to do a collaborative project with radio producer Deirde Melvin and two youth groups from Galway, 2009.  The practical goals were to turn the teenagers mobile phones into mini radio brodcasters to hack public bus radios and other radios in public spaces. The voice of the teenagers was the most important part of the project.

I implemented a reflexive educational program, which means that the role I chose as an artist was to facilitate the groups creative prosess. The educational program rather than being set in stone was designed to be a reflex of each individuals social situation and thoughts about it.  Art as a thinking prosess is an open system of knowledge and the materiality of the world is how art is construed hence art is a material way of thinking.  In this way art creates a very particular form of pedagogy one which is not a reflection of how things are but a reflex of the world and how we affect it’s reality.

This project helped me to develop collaborative processes and methods of facilitation but also to grasp a deeper understanding of artistic thinking.


This is a link to the sound works that the group made to brodcast on public radio:

An independent assesment of the project was made and can be read as a pdf.

GAC Transmission Report.