Analality, 2009

This research and performance project was my BA degree show art work, 2009 from Limerick School of Art and Design. Analality explored all the alternative possibilities and options for utilising our human waste personally.  I presented excrement products for many aspects of human life in a video installation.

The video was a critique of the dominant hegemonic ideology and practises in dealing with our excrement in Ireland. I collaborated with Dr. Dervela McCarthy, a retired sociology lecturer from the University of Limerick to produce a seminar and video installation explaining the concept of Analality.

Analality installation, Limerick School of Art and Design, degree show, 2009

Composting toilet1Composting toilet2crazy syger1

Exhibited at LS.A.D 4th year Degree Show, Student led curatorship, Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland, 2009, Consider Yourself Lucky I’m Not Completely Naked, Curator Dave Callan, Monster Truck Gallery & Studios, Dublin, Ireland, 2009, Truth, Contemporary Art Centre of Pispala, Hirvikatu 10, Curator Markus Petz, Tampere, Finland, 2009